Thursday, January 21, 2010


A big welcome to Lynn Jackson! Thanks for following my blog!

I so want some new skirts... and tops... oh and some cute jackets!!! OK... one at a time!

So I just finished drafting a pattern for a new skirt! I think that I'll use that rayon houndstooth fabric that I picked up at Walmart!

It's a cute skirt with a side zipper.

I may have to line it... um... we'll see.

(Lutterloh pattern 206, supplement #226)


  1. Can't believe you found a Wal-Mart with fabric! The houndstooth looks perfect - love this pattern too.

  2. BJ-Your Walmart doesn't carry fabric?

    I heard that they're doing away with the fabric department... : (

    The newer Walmart (opened 2 years ago) doesn't have a fabric section... sounds like a sad trend...

  3. Looking for some inspiration to get back into my sewing groove, so here I am, and I'm feeling it. (But first I have to uncover my sewing room, that's most likely what I really need the inspiration for!)

  4. Lanny, I know what you mean! That's why I haven't been sewing for clothes for 10 years!

    Now I have the space and am slowly setting up my sewing room.... in the heated attic for now!

    Do you have the Lutterloh system?

    Yes!!! Go uncover your sewing room!

    Thanks for following my new sewing blog!