Friday, January 15, 2010

NO Ease!

Oh my gosh... there is like NO ease built into this pattern!

I had to draft it a size up... and still too tight...


  1. Hey, Toni. I have one of the Lutterloh Systems, too, that I bought a few years ago that I haven't used yet. I've thought about getting it out sometime soon. Let me know if you have any tips or anything I should be aware of. I guess I should do a muslin first because I see there is no ease.

  2. Hi Trudy! Thanks for stopping by!

    The patterns that have the knit symbol have like NO ease built into them! The other ones seem fine though.

    Here's a blog that's been really helpful to me: These gals also use Lutterloh and have lots of tips!

    I bought my Lutterloh system in the 90s.. used it a little then tucked it away until now!

    So, I'm just getting started again!