Monday, January 18, 2010

Are you using Lutterloh?

Where are you Lutterloh pattern users?

Let's connect our blogs so that we can help each other!!! Become a follower of my blog and I'll list your blog in my Lutterloh Bloggers list!

Way back in the early 90s a friend invited me to attend a sewing seminar in Peabody, MA. It sounded like a fun day... so off we went!

We learned about a pattern system that had been used for years in Europe. I learned that I could draft my own custom fitted patterns and never have to buy clothing patterns again!

In the 90s I made a bride's maid dress for a friend's wedding... skirts... shirts... then I'm not sure what happened...

I had a 2nd baby and all clothes sewing just stopped!

Then we moved into a tiny rental house for 6 years while building a new home (ourselves!). Sadly... there was NO room for sewing clothing! No room for drafting patterns... just NO ROOM for my sewing hobby!

Well our new home is almost finished! And... I've taken over part of the attic for a sewing room!

While unpacking I found my Lutterloh book... and drafting tools!

This blog will detail my journey back into my sewing hobby with Lutterloh!

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