Thursday, January 14, 2010

Shirt Sew-a-thon continues: Lutterloh 156 knit shirt from supplement #274

I'm drafting my own patterns with the Lutterloh system that I bought back in the 90s. I'm really just getting into it... and have a lot of learning to do!

So, I've been pouring over my lutterloh pattern pages trying to decide what to make to enhance my wardrobe (I really need some new clothes!!!).

Well, I found this cute knit shirt (see view on the right) with 3/4 sleeves and a scoop neck in supplement 274.

I had a Coldwater Creek knit shirt in this style... that I just loved! (Don't you love their clothes? Of course, I love them best ON SALE!) I honestly love all the clothes at Coldwater Creek! I have a bunch of their jackets that I wear constantly!

So I'm going to give this knit shirt it a try!

First I will draft the pattern using my measurements!

Pattern: Lutterloh supplement #274, pattern #156 knit (view right, scoop neck, 3/4 sleeves)


  1. ANOTHER blog, Toni! I can hardly keep up. I don't know how you can AND build that house. You're a powerhouse.

  2. Hi Ribbit! You're just too kind! Thanks for your kind words!

  3. so I hope it's ok if I give you some help here. That is a deeply scooped neck so if you redraft this pattern with a larger number watch that the neck doesn't get too big or the shoulders too wide, or arm scyse too low. I make the pattern in the size larger than myself for knits and then adjust for full bust, and add in some on each side until the paper pattern seems to fit. I really don't want those shoulders to get wider but I often drop the arm scyse 1/2" and make the sides of my sleeve 1/2" shared on each side of the sleeve.

    Once you master this pattern you can sew it again and again, change the neck and have fast knit tops. Good luck we don't find the knit patterns consistant so can't be sure if our ideas are helpful.

  4. Hi! Thanks for coming by and soooo appreciate your suggestions! Will give that a try!