Saturday, December 26, 2009

I found a treasure...

We decided to head out shopping with the boys today... which means... traveling from our itty bitty town to the big metropolis of Billings, Montana... an all day adventure full of Walmart... Costco... and ????

Well, on the way thru Bridger, MT, I decided to stop by Huff's Antique store.

I've been pining after 2 antique Singer sewing machines... The top of my list is much sought after Singer 221 Featherweight followed closely by the sew everything Singer 15-91!

I've been following these wonderful machines on ebay... drooling...

Well... there it was at Huff's... his ex-wife's mother's "quilting" machine.... a Singer 221 Featherweight! It's the cutest little machine! My first time to see one in real life!

This little machine was complete with box, attachments... even a buttonhole attachment! All in very nice condition!

My heart sank when I saw the price tag... $350!

But Mr. Huff said that he thought that his ex-wife would take $300.... OK... off to stroll around the store I went.... because I just didn't want to spend that much money! Not that it's not worth it, of course!

After looking around the store (I just love antique stores, don't you?) I went back and had him plug it in... and listened to it run. Sigh.... Gosh, it even has the original Singer 221 manual!

Then he said, I bet she would take $250 for it. Hmmmm....

I hemmed... and hawed... it's in such nice shape! OK!!! I put a deposit on it!!!!

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  1. Thanks for your comment. 53 garments are a lot, but 22 of them were only tops mostly knits which are super easy and quick. Hope you enjoy your new blogging adventure.